Salt Lake City, Utah | Bengaluru : PROG Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: PRG), the fintech holding company encompassing Progressive Leasing, Vive Financial, Four Technologies, and Build, and Infosys (NSE, BSE, NYSE: INFY), a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, have unveiled a collaborative agreement. This partnership is anticipated to advance and expand PROG Holdings’ technology operations, serving as a pivotal component of the company’s continuous modernization and innovation endeavors, with a specific focus on cloud and AI technologies.

The collaboration will empower PROG Holdings to leverage Infosys’ digital services, incorporating cutting-edge technologies. PROG Holdings anticipates that this partnership will drive operational efficiencies, expedite technology enhancements, and accelerate time-to-market. Additionally, the alliance is poised to fuel innovation across critical customer- and partner-facing technologies and systems, thus bolstering PROG Holdings’ leadership position in the virtual lease-to-own market.

PROG Holdings opted for Infosys to support its technology evolution and efficiency initiatives, particularly in AI endeavors. This decision was influenced by Infosys’ capability to provide global access to top-tier talent and advanced technology infrastructure. Such resources are expected to complement and enhance the innovation efforts of PROG Holding’s internal technology teams.

Steve Michaels, President and CEO of PROG Holdings, expressed his anticipation, stating, “We are excited about collaborating with Infosys to develop and improve critical systems that will positively influence the speed to market, agility, and scalability of key PROG Holdings technologies and platforms. We believe that our partnership with Infosys will streamline processes for both our customers and retail partners, reinforcing PROG Holdings’ longstanding position as a leader in the virtual lease-to-own industry, a sector we helped establish twenty-five years ago.”


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