Hyderabad , India : Tanla, a prominent player in the SMS DLT scrubbing market, has introduced, utilizing generative AI to enhance the trusted Trubloq experience. offers assistance to enterprises, telecommunications companies, regulators, and users in various ways. For instance, it reduces registration time for headers and templates by 80-90% through content recommendations and automatic approvals, establishes a centralized portal for cleaning up all digital assets while ensuring 100% compliance, enhances user protection through intelligent compliance suggestions and whitelisted CTAs, and provides numerous other benefits. harnesses generative AI to achieve a 10-15% reduction in enterprise SMS costs via template optimization and generate 10-20% higher click-through rates (CTRs) with intelligent templates. By leveraging registration APIs, automated asset approval, and brand-specific short URLs with high recall, SMS promotional campaigns can now be fully executed within a mere 20 minutes. Additionally, the solution drives cost savings by automating the registration of headers and templates, while simultaneously curbing complaint volumes through thorough, automated compliance checks and the use of whitelisted CTAs.

Spam remains a significant issue in India, ranking among the top 20 countries affected by spam, with over 70% of individuals reporting receiving four or more unwanted messages daily. India’s telecommunications regulator, TRAI, has been actively addressing this problem through regulations such as TCCCPR 2018. Tanla has developed a solution aligned with these regulatory objectives, resulting in the largest blockchain use case globally to combat spam through the registration and scrubbing of all digital assets. This innovative approach has successfully reduced spam by over 60% and is adopted by three out of the top four telecommunications companies in India.

“I am thrilled about the introduction of, another groundbreaking innovation to our flagship blockchain product Trubloq. By harnessing Gen AI in content creation and recommendation, assists digital assets in achieving full compliance and whitelisting CTAs to safeguard against malicious actors. This aligns perfectly with Tanla’s mission of empowering consumers and enabling companies,” said Uday Reddy, Chairman, Founder, and CEO of Tanla Platforms.


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