Bengaluru : Today, Tata Elxsi, a worldwide provider of engineering and design services, revealed its partnership with Red Hat, the premier provider of enterprise open-source solutions. Together, they aim to monetize applications and streamline operations in 5G networks for both Telcos and enterprises, thereby reducing operational costs.

The collaboration aims to establish a use case factory to assist global operators in monetizing their networks by employing industry-specific 5G applications across various sectors such as transportation, manufacturing, and healthcare. These applications and joint solutions have been validated for specific verticals.

For example, as the automotive industry increasingly shifts towards software-defined vehicles (SDV), there’s a rising demand for real-time, secure over-the-air (OTA) updates and containerized services delivered via 5G networks. Through this collaboration, telcos can meet these Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requirements by offering an integrated solution that incorporates TETHER, Tata Elxsi’s globally deployed connected vehicle platform; NEURON, Tata Elxsi’s acclaimed network automation platform; Red Hat OpenShift, the leading hybrid cloud application platform powered by Kubernetes; and Red Hat In-Vehicle Operating System.

This comprehensive solution empowers OEMs to deploy subscription-based services and platforms for connected vehicles, equipped with advanced fleet management features and real-time OTA capabilities.

By leveraging the synergy between Tata Elxsi’s NEURON and Red Hat’s OpenShift, telecom companies can transition towards seamless automation, cloud integration, and service orchestration, while reducing operational costs. NEURON streamlines network lifecycle management, offers end-to-end orchestration, employs AI-driven observability, and automates tasks for secure operations.

Vivek Tiwary, VP of Telco 5G Business at Tata Elxsi, emphasizes the industry’s shift towards customer-centric 5G services, facilitated by cloudification, multi-cloud adoption, and intelligent network operations. Mark Longwell, Director of Telco and Edge Alliances at Red Hat, highlights their collaboration’s focus on enhanced monetization opportunities and innovative solutions for telecom efficiency and growth.


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