VA TECH WABAG LIMITED, a prominent player in water treatment technologies worldwide, unveiled “BLUE SEED,” an innovative program aimed at nurturing innovation and assisting budding startups in the water industry. The launch event, graced by Mr. Gopal Srinivasan from TVS Group and Chairman & MD of TVS Capital Funds Limited, witnessed the presence of Mr. Rajiv Mittal, Chairman and Managing Director of VA TECH WABAG.

BLUE SEED aims to serve as a beacon of innovation within the water sector. Through this initiative, VA Tech WABAG is committed to investing in, nurturing, and empowering promising startups that offer innovative water technology solutions, thereby shaping a secure and sustainable water future. The program will identify and support early-stage water technology startups with significant growth potential, offering comprehensive resources to expedite their success.

Its goal is to foster a vibrant ecosystem of Waterpreneurs who will collectively contribute to global water security and resilience. WABAG extends a warm invitation to Waterpreneurs to join ‘BLUE SEED,’ where innovation converges with opportunity in the quest for a sustainable and dynamic water future.

The program revolutionizes traditional funding approaches by offering a comprehensive strategy to drive the success of early-stage ventures:

  • Capital Support: Providing pre-seed and seed funding to kickstart growth.
  • Advisory Support: Offering invaluable expertise and guidance drawn from decades of industry experience, technical proficiency, extensive data resources, and insights from thought leaders.
  • Direct Access: Furnishing opportunities for collaboration on live projects and access to global markets.

Rajiv Mittal, Chairman & Managing Director of VA Tech WABAG Limited, remarks on the launch, “As we embark on our centenary year with a steadfast commitment to giving back to the industry, we are thrilled to introduce BLUE SEED to nurture and empower emerging Waterpreneurs. Through this initiative, our goal is to cultivate a dynamic ecosystem of innovative solutions that can contribute to enhancing the industry’s sustainability and building a resilient future.”

WABAG stands as the third-largest private water operator globally, serving over 88.8 million people worldwide with access to safe drinking water and sanitation. This initiative further solidifies WABAG’s dedication to fostering a cleaner and greener world.


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