• On August 4, 2021, an announcement was made regarding the incorporation of Zomato Payments Private Limited (“ZPPL”), a fully owned subsidiary of Zomato Limited.
  • ZPPL( Zomato Payments Private Limited) has obtained a certificate of authorization from the Reserve Bank of India (“RBI”) dated January 24, 2024, enabling it to function as an ‘Online Payment Aggregator’ in India starting from January 24, 2024, in accordance with the RBI’s guidelines.

About Zomato :

  • Launched in 2010, the Zomato platform serves as a nexus connecting customers, restaurant partners, and delivery partners, catering to their diverse requirements.
  • Customers leverage the Zomato platform to explore and discover restaurants, peruse and contribute customer-generated reviews, browse and upload photos, place food delivery orders, reserve tables, and facilitate payments while dining out at restaurants.
  • Conversely, Zomato equips restaurant partners with industry-specific marketing tools to engage and attract customers, thereby fostering business growth. Additionally, Zomato offers a reliable and efficient last-mile delivery service to ensure seamless order fulfillment.
  • ┬áZomato operates Hyperpure, a comprehensive procurement solution that furnishes restaurant partners with high-quality ingredients and kitchen products.
  • ┬áZomato provides delivery partners with transparent and flexible earning opportunities, enabling them to thrive within the platform’s ecosystem. Through these multifaceted offerings, Zomato endeavors to streamline and enhance the dining and food delivery experience for all stakeholders involved.


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