DETROIT : General Motors (GM), along with global automotive supplier Magna and leading technology services and consulting company Wipro Limited, have partnered to develop SDVerse, a B2B sales platform for automotive software. This platform aims to revolutionize the automotive software sourcing and procurement process by serving as a matchmaking platform for buyers and sellers of embedded automotive software.

SDVerse operates as a “matchmaking” platform connecting buyers and sellers of embedded automotive software, emphasizing the matching process over captive software development. This digital platform enhances transparency and streamlines inefficiencies in software development and procurement. Leading companies such as Ampere, FEV, Forvia, HL Mando, NXP Semiconductors, TTTech Auto, and Valeo form a “Launch Partner” group endorsing SDVerse. Prashant Gulati assumes the role of CEO for the new SDVerse organization, effective March 5th, 2024.

In contrast to the conventional captive software development approach, SDVerse is dedicated to linking automotive software buyers and sellers through a transparent and efficient digital platform. Sellers have the opportunity to showcase their software’s features and attributes, while buyers can effortlessly explore the available software products via a comprehensive catalogue. The platform facilitates direct connections for sales and purchases, ensuring a seamless experience for all involved parties.

Currently under development, SDVerse is expected to feature a diverse array of automotive software products, and stakeholders from across the automotive value chain are encouraged to join. Alongside the founding members, an exclusive “Launch Partner” group, spearheaded by Ampere*, FEV, Forvia, HL Mando, NXP Semiconductors, TTTech Auto, and Valeo, has been established. Prashant Gulati has been appointed as the CEO of SDVerse, effective March 5th, 2024. With over two decades of experience in launching and leading automotive organizations, Prashant is recognized as a thought leader in software technology, particularly in harnessing the potential of emerging technologies like AI in the automotive sector.

Harmeet Chauhan, Global Head of Wipro Engineering Edge at Wipro Limited, highlighted the increasing demand for automotive software, which is projected to nearly double this decade, potentially surpassing the growth of software development talent pools. Chauhan emphasized that the conventional software sourcing model may struggle to bridge this widening gap without compromising profitability and the automotive industry’s ambitions for software-defined vehicles. SDVerse addresses these challenges by offering a range of benefits to the industry.

Potential key benefits of SDVerse include:

  • Cost, time, and complexity reduction: SDVerse streamlines processes, reduces duplication of efforts, promotes the reuse of existing software, and achieves economies of scale by consolidating software orders from multiple clients.
  • Enhanced software quality: With rigorous testing and validation cycles, the software offered through SDVerse is of superior quality. Moreover, the competitive marketplace encourages continuous improvement, benefiting customer vehicle quality.
  • Optimal resource allocation: By eliminating redundant tasks, OEMs and suppliers can allocate engineering resources more effectively. This allows them to focus on innovating to enhance driver and passenger experiences, rather than duplicating efforts.
  • Increased revenue for sellers: SDVerse provides sellers with access to a broader client base and opportunities to monetize their existing intellectual property, leading to improved revenue streams.
  • Innovative software sourcing: SDVerse introduces a novel approach to software procurement, allowing companies to procure software independently from hardware. This model offers an attractive alternative to OEMs for software development, reducing the need for in-house development.

Joerg Grotendorst, Senior Vice President, Corporate R&D at Magna, emphasized Magna’s dedication to advancing collaboration and propelling the automotive industry forward through its involvement in SDVerse. By embracing this innovative platform, Magna seeks to foster a more interconnected ecosystem that promotes collaboration among OEMs, suppliers, and specialized software developers. SDVerse presents an exciting opportunity to reshape software development, sales, and sourcing processes, facilitating the industry’s shift towards the software-defined vehicle paradigm.


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