Krakow, POLAND : Sonata Software, a leading Modernisation Engineering company, revealed its strategic expansion plans by announcing the establishment of a delivery center in Kraków, Poland. This move aims to meet the increasing demands for business transformation, modernisation, and cost optimisation initiatives from European clients.

Leveraging Poland’s rich tech talent pool and favorable economic environment, Sonata plans significant investment to enhance regional capabilities, provide close-to-client service delivery, and effectively penetrate the European market. Samir Dhir, Managing Director and CEO of Sonata Software, expressed excitement about attracting top modernization engineering talent and reiterated the company’s commitment to innovation, quality, and excellence. He emphasized continued investment in the European region to drive growth and achieve the company’s $1.5 billion goal by FY’26.

The establishment of the delivery center in Kraków underscores Sonata’s strategic investment in the burgeoning field of Generative AI. Sonata Software’s Harmoni.AI, a Responsible-First AI, is gaining widespread recognition among global organizations for its emphasis on trust, privacy, security, compliance, and ethical standards. Supported by a Data Governance and Acceleration engine, Harmoni.AI offers a choice of utilizing industry-leading Large Language Models (LLMs) and a consulting framework to facilitate effective adoption and accelerate time to market.

Anthony Lange, Chief Revenue Officer at Sonata Software, emphasized the importance of expanding nearshore capabilities in the European market to bridge the gap between Onsite-Nearshore-Offshore operations and cultivate a cutting-edge technology ecosystem tailored for European clients. He highlighted the delivery center’s role in enhancing Sonata’s expertise in Generative AI and Cybersecurity. Additionally, Sonata plans to invest in a university-led program focused on Generative AI and Cybersecurity. With intentions to grow the team by over 100 professionals this year, Sonata is poised to further strengthen its presence in the region.


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