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Bangalore ,India :

  • AutoEVmart, a multi-brand EV retail store operated by Greaves Retail, the retail and distribution arm of Greaves Cotton Ltd., has revealed its collaboration with Zero21, an energy solutions company located in Hyderabad. This partnership is geared towards boosting the sales and distribution of Zero21’s electric autorickshaws and related EV spare parts. These products are now accessible through Greaves Retail’s multi-brand AutoEVmart stores and spares distribution network.
  • Zero21’s electric autorickshaws, renowned for their efficiency, durability, and eco-friendly features, will now be more accessible through a widespread network of over 100 strategically located AutoEVmart outlets in Tier 1, 2, and 3 markets.
  • This extensive network ensures that potential buyers can explore various options, including popular variants like Chalo and Teer by Zero21. This partnership is expected to bring significant advantages to auto drivers and last-mile delivery services, transforming the landscape of electric three-wheelers (E3W). By facilitating a seamless experience for buyers, the partnership seeks to accelerate the adoption of eco-friendly transportation solutions, ultimately contributing to a sustainable and greener future.
  • As electric three-wheelers become more readily available and diverse in options, the collaboration aims to meet the evolving needs of consumers, making a substantial stride towards the widespread acceptance of electric mobility solutions in the country.

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