NEW YORK, US | NOIDA, India : HCLTech, a prominent global technology company, has introduced HCLTech AI Force, an innovative GenAI platform designed to accelerate time-to-value by revolutionizing the software development and engineering lifecycle. This platform aims to enhance productivity, improve quality, and expedite release timelines.

The patented GenAI platform, built on Azure OpenAI and compatible with Microsoft GitHub Copilot, is system-agnostic. It offers a customizable suite of GenAI-based solutions aimed at infusing intelligence into all aspects of software development and engineering workflows to enhance efficiency and developer experience.

“We are proud to lead the way in AI possibilities and are excited to introduce this innovative solution,” stated Vijay Guntur, President of Engineering and R&D Services at HCLTech. “This platform is a true game-changer, with our pilot projects alongside clients in the technology and financial services sectors showing highly promising results.”

Emphasizing responsible AI adoption, HCLTech AI Force incorporates robust security and governance measures to promote secure innovation and scalable growth. Drawing on its extensive experience in full-stack application development, engineering, and decades of AI expertise, HCLTech assists clients in maximizing the benefits of GenAI, spanning from chip development to cloud services and business process optimization.


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